Towards something new

Join us on our journey and read more about our new digital services.

More listening

Listen first, then develop. You have told us how we should improve our service, and now we are solving these issues one step at a time.

Increased smoothness

At this stop, we present you with the first versions of our new digital services. It was about time!

More yours

There are as many different journeys as there are passengers. This is why our services will in the future meet the needs of each passenger exactly where and when their needs emerge.

How will these changes affect you?

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We are developing our services while listening to our customers. We want to make your train journeys smoother and easier. 
New App VR Matkalla

The first version of our new mobile app can now be downloaded in the app stores.

Read more about the app
New ticket vending machines

Our new ticket vending machines will be installed at stations throughout Finland during the summer.

More on ticket vending machines

A new way of working

We are developing our services bit by bit, and we will introduce new features in phases, one step at the time.

How can we assist you?

Our services have been developed together with our customers and with your feedback as a guideline. We want to improve the services with features that will make your journey better. Tell us what you think!

Let us know!

New ticket vending machines

Questions and answers

  • Displays are bigger, easier to read and more convenient to use than before.
  • Buying tickets is easy and quick: if you just need a ticket for the next train, you only need a few touches to proceed to payment.
  • With contactless payment, you can conveniently pay for purchases up to 50 €.
  • The needs of special groups, in particular wheelchair users, have been considered in the design.

Buy tickets conveniently at the platform

The new website is out!

The first version of our new website, is now out there to be tested by you! For now you can buy single tickets for both commuter and long-distance traffic and find inspiring content for train travel - soon also in English. We are already working on more features, and will introduce them to you gradually.

Have a look and tell us what you think!

Try out
New website

You can now try out our new website! Tell us what you think!

Read more about the website

Our following stops are

Why are all the new features not yet available in the new services?

It is important to us that we can make the new services available for our customers right from the beginning. We will add new features as soon as they are ready. We recommend that you allow automatic updates in your phone settings, so that you are always using the latest version of the application.

Can I still use the old mobile apps?

You can still continue to use the VR Mobile and VR Commuter applications as before. We will close the old applications only when we have the new features requested by our customers implemented in the new application.

Where can I buy the tickets that are not yet available through the new services?

All our sales channels will operate as before alongside with the new channels.

Why is the look of the new digital services different compared to the old ones?

Our new services have been designed to be easy to use and to respond to the current needs. The new colour scheme is fresh and it also works better for our customers who need accessibility.

Which tickets can I buy from the new vending machines?

From the vending machines, you can buy the most common tickets for commuter and long-distance traffic, as well as multi-tickets for commuter traffic. We have included the tickets that our customers most frequently buy from the vending machines. In the future, multi-tickets for long-distance traffic, season tickets, tickets for car-carrier trains, TrainBus tickets and tickets for Russian traffic can be bought through our other sales channels.

Will the ticket prices be increased with the introduction of the new channels?

No, there will be no price changes at this point. The Saver Ticket continues to be our cheapest ticket product, and it will be offered through all our new channels as well.

Where can I find Veturi-log in and benefits?

In the new services we no longer mention Veturi. The Veturi loyalty programme and the name itself will be gradually phased out, but you can still use your old and familiar user ID to sign in to all of our digital services: the change does not require any action on your part. You will continue to receive benefits related to your trip, for example in the restaurant car, by showing the "Messages" section in the VR Matkalla-app.

Asennukset alkavat kesäkuussa ja jatkuvat noin 5 viikkoa ympäri Suomea. Voit kysellä tarkemmista aikatauluista esimerkiksi sosiaalisen median kanavissamme (links to social media channels - ask for them!)

Our website evolves!

You can now explore our new website at The website is a beta version and does not offer all products and features yet. We will develop the website further on the basis of your feedback.

What features will we work on next?

Try the new website
  • Multi-tickets for commuter and long-distance trains
  • More payment methods, such as payment via an online bank transfer
Frequently asked

What can you do on the new website?

  • Buy single tickets for commuter and long-distance trains
  • Buy a ticket also for your pet
  • Select seats from the coach map and upgrade your seat to the Ekstra Class and the upstairs of the restaurant car
  • Pay for tickets with a payment card
  • Sign in to VR’s services with an existing Veturi ID and create a new ID if you want
  • If you sign in before buying a ticket, you can also view your ticket in the VR Matkalla mobile app
  • Access our new content pages to learn more about topics such as services on board our trains.

Multi-tickets are now available!

New app: VR Matkalla

Your travel companion on commuter and long-distance trains

Hundreds of thousands of train travelers have already downloaded our new VR Matkalla app! With the latest update, you can now easily buy tickets for commuter and long-distance trains. You can also choose your preferred seats on the wagon map. On the wagon map you can also upgrade your seat to Ekstra class or upstair seats of the restaurant car.

VR Matkalla is your travel companion throughout your journey: it tells you in real time how your journey is progressing and when you arrive to your destination. During your journey, you can find all the latest bargain-priced treats of the restaurant wagon from the Messages section of the app.

We continue developing the application piece by piece. What kind of features would you like to see in the app in the future?

In the autumn, we will introduce more application features, such as multi-tickets for commuter traffic and additional services for long-distance traffic so stay tuned!

You can now buy and use commuter and long-distance multi-tickets as well as cancel your trip directly in the app.

You can now buy and use commuter and long-distance multi-tickets directly in VR Matkalla app. You can also cancel your trip in the app.

New App

Share your thoughts!Read about multi-tickets

How do I cancel a multi-ticket journey in VR Matkalla app?

You can cancel your long-distance multi-ticket journey 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train in the My trips section of the app. Please note that if you cancel your journey, any additional fees (a seat in Ekstra class or upstairs of the restaurant car) will not be refunded.

Asennukset alkavat kesäkuussa ja jatkuvat noin 5 viikkoa ympäri Suomea. Voit kysellä tarkemmista aikatauluista esimerkiksi sosiaalisen median kanavissamme (links to social media channels - ask for them!)